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Squash Javascript Obfuscator and Annotation Processor
A powerful tool for Javascript developers to reduce errors, improve efficiency, and obscure the original source code. Squash is a flexible, customizable preprocessor for Javascript, HTML, and any flavor of XML including SVG and XSLT. Annotations are Javascript objects - some are predefined and others may be written by the developer - that may be invoked directly from the source code while it is being processed to control the generated output. The Squash obfuscation engine reduces and obscures the original source code for efficient execution, and to protect intellectual property.
See Squash Overview for more information about how Squash can help you in your development projects.

Squash is currently in beta status. If you would like to give it a try, it can be downloaded from the link below.

There are significant changes between versions 2.2 and 2.3, particularly in these areas: